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Good Moxa, Good Healing

We make moxa sticks by hand with ancient Chinese methods.

Why choose us

The best mugwort origin

Our mugwort originates from Qichun County, China, also known as Qichun mugwort or Qi Ai, Geographical Indication Product, which is famous for its high quality. Its burning calorific value, volatile oil content and other indicators of modern testing are significantly better than other varieties[1].

Traditional handmade moxa

We stick to the traditional stone mill method of making moxa, which has been around for centuries in China. Compared to current machine production, the stone milling process is to make moxa at low speed and low temperature, which can better retain the original aroma and active ingredients of mugwort.

The best moxa experience

Benefiting from high-quality mugwort and traditional handmade methods, our moxa sticks burn evenly and mildly, with light and non-choking moxa smoke and strong penetration, which can more effectively stimulate acupuncture points to reach the lesions and achieve the best moxibustion effect.

What our clients say

As a physiotherapist, I've used many different moxa rolls, and this one does have its advantages, with a strong moxibustion sensation and our patients report that the warmth of moxibustion can reach the whole body very soothing and cozy.
Yeo Ling
Registered Acupuncturist, Singapore
At first, I didn't expect there was anything special about this moxa, after using it for almost a week, I found that it has greatly relieved the knee arthritis that has plagued me for years, amazing!
Andrew K.
United States
Over the past year, I've tried many different brands of moxa sticks, and this one is by far my favorite. It burns mildly with less smoke, The moxibustion experience is much more better.
Daisy Chow
Hong Kong

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Frequently asked Questions

In general, moxibustion is easy to use at home, You can try indirect moxibustion on your own, Indirect moxibustion is currently the more popular form of care because there is a much lower risk of pain or burning. But it’s safest to have a professional give you a demonstration first. They can show you not only how to do it without burning yourself, but also the best areas to focus on for your needs. We recommend you go to Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners to ask for recommendations before you starting your own moxibustion journey.

It shouldn’t! For indirect moxibustion, the practitioner lights one end of a moxa stick, and holds it close to the area being treated for several minutes until the area turns red, the moxa never touches your skin. And even with direct moxa, you should only feel heat and warmth, but not pain; your practitioner should remove the moxa before it burns or blisters.

There is no simple, one-size-fits all answer to this question. However, moxibustion takes its effects gradually, and it is not a technique that will immediately show its full range of effects. Different people will observe results at varying intervals, depending on their particular constitution and on which ailments were treated.

Generally, moxa sticks do not have an expiry date, and can be stored for several years.

However, One important thing to consider is that moxa sticks must be stored in a dry place. If moxa sticks soak up humidity, they will easily become moldy and ineffective, they will burn producing large amounts of unpleasant bad smoke. In short, they’ll no longer be suitable for regular use in treatments.

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