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Owning private planting bases in Qichun county, Hubei province, China, with an area of around 1.2 million square feet, Our mission is to do quality control from the source and provide our customers with the best moxa products.

Why choose Qi Ai (Qichun mugwort)?

According to the records of “Chinese Medicine Chronicles”, among so many kinds of mugworts, the more famous ones in history are Qi Ai (produced in Qichun, Hubei), Hai Ai (made in Siming Mountain, Zhejiang), Bei Ai (now Henan Tangyin production), Fudao Ai (now Xianyang, Shaanxi Province), and Chuan Ai (Sichuan Ziyang production). Among them, Qi Ai is the best, and all the indicators of modern testing are higher than other varieties, and it is called authentic medicinal materials.

Qi Ai contains 17+ known compounds, and its volatile oil content, total flavonoid content, and burning calorific values are significantly better than those of mugworts produced in other regions[1]. Moxa cones and sticks made of Qichun mugworts are thought to be the top quality used in moxibustion.

Why do we stick to the ancient hand-made method?

Today, Manual production is at a disadvantage compared with large-scale machine production in terms of capacity and cost.

However, the hand-made moxa sticks represented by the stone mill process are made at low speed and low temperature, The fibers of moxa wool are more intact, the effective components of mugworts are more retained, and the moxa sticks burn evenly and mildly with light and non-choking moxa smoke, which can achieve better moxibustion results.

Thanks for visiting Moxabio, hope we can bring you a new moxibustion experience!

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