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Frequently Asked Questions of Moxibustion

Moxibustion is an external treatment that comes from traditional Chinese medicine. The practice involves a practitioner burning the moxa on or above the skin to stimulate specific acupuncture points. Its […]


The Top 35 Moxibustion Points Chart

In order to better master the moxibustion point chart, we combine the acupoints, acupoint selection methods and symptoms with each other, and take the 35 important moxibustion points on the body for your reference.


What Is Moxa Stick Moxibustion?

The most common type of moxibustion therapy used in the clinic is moxa stick moxibustion, also called suspended moxibustion, which treats the body surface without touching the skin.


Instructions for The Use of Moxa Stick

The combustion of moxa permits the transmission of heat to the acupoints or other parts of the body that have various pathological changes. It is an external therapy to treat or prevent diseases and promote the health of the body.


Types of Moxa Stick Moxibustion

There are various types of moxibustion, which can usually be divided into direct and indirect moxibustion.

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