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What Is Moxa Stick Moxibustion?

The most common type of moxibustion therapy used in the clinic is moxa stick moxibustion, also called suspended moxibustion, which treats the body surface without touching the skin.


How to Moxibustion for Tennis Elbow?

Moxibustion is able to diminish inflammation and ease the pain. After recovery, patients should avoid wind, cold, and overstrain.


How to Moxibustion for Knee Osteoarthritis?

Moxibustion treats knee osteoarthritis through its ability to dredge the channels, move qi, reduce inflammation, ease pain and improve circulation.


How to Moxibustion for Myofascial Pain?

Moxibustion can effectively treat myofascial pain, and early diagnosis and intervention improve the effect. If there are indurations in the muscle, the course of treatment will be longer.


How to Moxibustion for Frozen Shoulder?

Moxibustion can treat frozen shoulder through its ability to dredge the channels and unblock the collaterals, which reduce inflammation and ease the pain.


How to Moxibustion for Lumbar Disc Herniation?

Moxibustion can treat both the acute and recovery stages of lumbar disc herniation through its ability to dredge the channels, move qi, reduce inflammation, ease pain and improve circulation.


How to Moxibustion for Allergic Rhinitis?

Moxibustion can warm yang, free the flow of qi, and enhance immunity, and is thus effective in the treatment of allergic rhinitis.


How to Moxibustion Treatment for Insomnia?

Moxibustion can help calm and stabilize the mind, and thus is often effective in treating insomnia. This method is without side effects, but its effect in hypnotic-dependent patients is not very good.


How to Moxibustion for Facial Paralysis?

Moxibustion can effectively improve local blood circulation, and promote the elimination and absorption of swelling caused by inflammation of the facial nerve.

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