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How to Moxibustion for Chronic Prostatitis?

Moxibustion can regulate the immune system, has anti-inflammatory effects, and can improve local blood circulation to improve chronic prostatitis.


How to Moxibustion for Impotence?

Most cases of impotence are caused by psychological factors. Moxibustion has a good effect on this disorder because of its ability to stimulate the channel qi and unblock the collaterals.


How to Moxibustion for Functional Constipation?

Moxibustion can regulate intestinal motility to treat functional constipation. Patients should be advised to eat a diet rich in vegetables and fruits and less spicy food.


How to Moxibustion for Peptic Ulcer?

The effects of moxibustion include boosting gastric motility, promoting gastric emptying, regulating gastric acid secretions, and promoting the restoration of the gastric mucosa.


How to Moxibustion for Bronchial Asthma?

Moxibustion has a good therapeutic effect on asthma in both remission and chronic stages. For panting, cough, and chest distress due to cardiopulmonary disease, the primary disease should be given priority.

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