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Top 12 Acupuncture Points for Fertility

The stimulation of acupuncture points has been developed over 5,000 years ago as a form of bodywork therapy. These powerful little ‘portals’ can be stimulated via finger pressure, acupuncture needles, laser or moxibustion which awaken our self-healing mechanism so the body can restore itself back to health. Over 2,000 specific points on the body are simply areas where nerves, muscles, and connective tissue can be stimulated to produce specific physiological effects and perhaps more importantly, to strengthen our vital life force – our qi. It’s this qi that regulates our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

Stimulating these points can help in treating almost any health issue, including hormonal imbalance and fertility issues. It is especially useful in cases where medical explanations fall short, including the diagnosis of ‘unexplained infertility’.

How does it work?

When the flow of qi is disrupted through poor health habits or unfavorable external circumstances, stimulation of these points helps remove energy blockages which directly increases the chances of conception as fertility is and should be a normal state. Moreover, working on these points also helps redirect qi from areas where it is in excess towards deficient areas.

Here are four fertility points you can stimulate anytime.

LR 3 Acupoint (Taichong)

This point belonging to the liver meridian is located on the top side of the foot, in between the first and second toe. It helps regulate the menstrual cycle, harmonizes the ovaries and uterus, and builds the blood while easing stress, anxiety, insomnia and even hormonal headaches.

ST 36 Acupoint (Zusanli)

This point belongs to the stomach meridian and is located below the kneecap. Known as “leg tree miles”, it is the perfect spot to rebuild one’s vital qi and blood while balancing emotions. Although these two are inseparable as blood is basically a denser form of qi, it’s good to note that qi gives life and movement to blood, while blood nourishes the organs that produce qi.  It is a particularly great point to stimulate in women over 35 trying who are trying to conceive as it nourishes the Kidney yin.

KI 9 Acupoint (Zhubin)

This kidney meridian point located on the lower part of the inner leg is called the “beautiful baby point” as it is used to help conceive a beautiful baby. Besides tonifying the blood, it helps calm the mind, so it’s used to deal with anxiety which is almost always present in cases of hormonal imbalance.

CV 12 Acupoint (Zhongwan)

Belonging to the Conception (Ren) channel which is of vital importance for both female and male fertility, this point is located above the belly button. It harmonizes the uterus and ovaries, but also strengthens the spleen and stomach while eliminating dampness from this region and relieving pain.

The following six fertility points are advised to be stimulated with caution if you are trying to conceive. More precisely, you should avoid deep stimulation during the luteal phase – the second half of the cycle.

CV 3 Acupoint (Zhongji)

Also belonging to the conception meridian, this point is located below the belly button and regulates the menstrual cycle and helps build the reproductive qi.

CV 4 Acupoint (Guanyuan)

Even more below the belly button, this point strengthens the uterus, while nourishing yin energy and therefore, benefiting fertility. This is especially important in cases of older women trying to conceive as it simultaneously stimulates our vital qi through tonifying the kidneys. For this challenged group, it is also good to include KD13 – Qixue, known as the “Qi hole” for this purpose. Besides fortifying the uterus and tonifying kidney qi, it regulates conception vessels and lower Jiao which stores small and large intestines, the urinary bladder, and, of course, the kidneys.

CV 6 Acupoint (Qihai)

The name of this point translates to Sea of Qi, so it is of vital importance in nourishing our vital qi and in building our body’s reserves. Beside a variety of gynecological disorders, it is a good place to build the blood and harmonize hormones.

CV 2 Acupoint (Qugu)

This point is known as “Curved Bone” as it is located at the center of the pubic bone. It is used to eliminate cold, one of the main so-called evils, from the uterus and treat feminine discharge, cycle irregularities and male infertility issues.

SP 6 Acupoint (Sanyinjiao)

Belonging to the spleen meridian and located on the inner part of the lower leg, this point is used for irregular periods as it is beneficial for female reproductive organs, but also for treating male fertility issues and impotence. Calming the spleen not only helps tonify the blood it controls, but also with anxiety as a balanced spleen calms the mind. This is the secret behind the versatility of this point as it crosses the Spleen, Kidney and Liver meridians, allowing it to treat a range of gynecological, emotional and digestive issues.

CV 5 Acupoint (Shimen)

Known as “Stone Gate,” located three body inches above the public bone, it is used to treat both male and female infertility, along with abdominal pain and gastrointestinal issues. It regulates the Triple Burner (San Jiao), the powerful ‘metabolism’ meridian as it harmonizes all water passageways, therefore coordinating the cleansing and fluid circulation within the body. Considering that the symbol of emotions is water which is both the absorber and mirror of human emotions, any fertility protocol needs to make sure it treats stress and other disharmonious emotions that have been proven to contribute to hormonal imbalances and fertility-related issues.

Bonus points

EX-HN3 Acupoint (Yin Tang)

This point is located between our eyebrows where our third eye chakra resides. It is a very useful point for stress, anxiety and insomnia, helping our cluttered minds focus and our spirit to calm down as we activate our intuition and foster our connection with nature and our community. This point is used as an aid to control addictions which is useful when adopting healthier habits, such as a hormone-balancing diet.

Zi Gongxue- the uterus point

The name of this point is translated as ‘Palace of the Child’ so it is often used in fertility protocols. Located on two sides of the lower abdomen, it increases blood flow to the ovaries and uterus, providing them with all the necessary nutrients. Therefore, it is used to regulate the menstrual cycle and uterine prolapse, but it should be avoided in the luteal phase when one is trying to conceive as well as during pregnancy.

Last words

It’s important to note that a personalized protocol will be formed depending on the specific set of issues, as infertility can be caused by a variety of issues such as cold in the uterus, qi stagnation, blood heat, dampness in the Lower Burner, etc. The essence of this holistic approach is that when we work with acupuncture points, we become aware of the mind and body connection. Only then we get to activate the innate healing ability our bodies naturally have. Stimulating acupoints with our hands, acupuncture needles or a moxa stick helps our bodies restore a healthy state when fertility is merely a natural occurrence.

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